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Release of Awareness Posters for practical implementation

Mobile Van Campaign - Harvest Water - Protect Trees - Reject plastic - Save Water Cycle

State Level Green Dance Contest based on the Green Daddy Song - extension

Note: Inetersted organisations can join us in realizing the above projects to achieve a sensible, impactful outcome

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Rethink Festivals - Diwali...     Save Bird     Stop Garbage Burning...     Quit Use and Throw Attitude...    Water Saving Chart...

Project 10: Date: 22 Mar 2013 - World Water Day Exhibition... Water Harvesting and Conservation

Poster: World Water Day Special Poster... Harvest Water - Protect Trees - Reject plastic - Save Water Cycle

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Project 9: Date: 12 Dec 2012 - ONE tree saves TWO lives... Celebrate 12-12-12-12-12-12 with a cause


Poster: 12-12-12-12-12-12 Special Poster... Share and Spare few minutes...

Project 8: Date: 28 Nov 2012 - International Survey on Lifestyles of people and governments, air, water and soil quality in respective countries


The Survey was conducted among the dlegates of the COP11 from about 60 countries which include India


A report released on 28th November 2012, at the Press Club, Somajiguda, Hyderabad


A copy of the report is uploaded to this web site and can be downloaded here. A copy of the report is also sent to all the participants.


Update: We invite the eminent Environmentalists to Analyse the data and send us their views and reoprt. The Best report would be published in our site.


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Project 7: Presentation and Participation in COP11 - World Biodiversity Conference, Oct 1-19 HYD, INDIA


Date: 8th Oct 2012 - The voice of the common man in achieving the Green India with lifestyle changes were presented in Hall2 of HICC for 90 minutes for the dlegates of the COP11


Date: 17th Oct 2012 - Felicitation of ROle Model - Earth Son: A press conference was held to update the media about the international survey being doen by the foundation, and recognised the green hero who planted more than 1 crore (10 million) plants, Mr. Daripally Ramaiah


Update: The participation in COP11 enlightened the members and gave us lot of insights about the state of our country and the direction to our mission to make India green.


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Project 6: RETHINK FESTIVALS - Awareness on Clay Ganesha usage and Cracker Free Diwali


The Poster and campaign released about the Clay Idol usage


The Poster and campaign released about cracker free Diwali. Children from Sister Nivedita School participated in the contest of Happy Diwali with Lights, Sweets, Pooja, Decorum and Joy


Update: The School management was successful in creating alternate joy for the children to forget the Crackers and hence Pollution too.


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Project 5: Date: 28 JULY 2012 - Celebration of World Nature Conservation Day - at The Sun School, Vizianagaram - Plantation and awareness on Green Living


The School kids at The Sun School, Vizianagaram planted in their premises and did a community campaign to spread awareness


They were trained in a class room session about the benefits of Green Living


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Project 4: Date: 12 JULY 2012 - Vegetable Garden in school - Pesticide Free Home vegetables - An initiative to develop awareness in the children to avoid junk food and adopt natural farming, home vegetables in garden or pots - Along with US Consulate General Hyderabad


The School kids at Srividyanjali School, vivekananda Nagar, Hyderabad were trained to plant in the school garden


They were explained the benefits of plantation to avoid pesticides and adopt natural farming and save the cost of buying vegetables too


Update: The Garden is growing in the school and inspiring many parents to spare space in their homes too


US Consulate General, Hyderabad sponsored the cost of the programme and also involved with the kids in plantation


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Project 3: Date: 21 Apr 2012 - Awareness in schools - Kick off to Green Summer - An initiative to develop friendship with plants in summer - Along with US Consulate General Hyderabad


The School kids at Triveni Talent Schools were trained to sow the seeds


They were explained the benefits of plantation and were presented a pot and seeds


Update: Students came back in July with fully grown pots and their joy of associating with plants


US Consulate General, Hyderabad sponsored the cost of the programme and also involved with the kids


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Project 2: Date: 09 Apr 2012 - Water Harvesting - Hyder Nagar Division - News paper campaign and execution support


The campaign through the news papers was done on 9th April 2012 at Hyder nagar area along with 3 NGOs and Loksatta party


Harvest Water - Protect Trees - Reject plastic - Save Water Cycle is the campaign's main motto.


Update: Residents are responding and willing to go for Rain Water harvesting in their apartments


This project is on going and is aimed at causing more than 100 RWHs in Hydernagar area.

Progject 1: Date: 11 Nov 2011 - Tree Translocation Awareness and Execution


Inauguration of the foundation happenned along with the tree Translocation campaign


Padmasri V V S Lakshman calls for green living with his support to the tree saving national green initiative .... watch out all the videos in the videos section


Eminent Cricketer has also adopted two trees. Rotary Past Governer Sri. Jawahar Vadlamani announced his support to re laocate 5 trees. Forest Academy Trainees and many members of the AP environment connect witnessed the process of relocating the trees.


This project also emphasises on the value of a tree and the need for plantation

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iGoGreen Foundation is a registered Voluntary Organization under the Andhra Pradesh Public Societies Registration Act, 2001 vide Registration No. 764/2011, Registered at Ranga Reddy District, Andhra Pradesh.

The foundation is determined to bring transformation in the socio environmental scenario with its awareness programs, educational programs and eco friendly solutions. In our endeavor, we look forward to inspire individuals, groups and institutions to adopt green lifestyles across India and inspire the world.